MedSonics US, Inc.
Portable Medical Ultrasound for Detecting Skeletal Defects
The Advantages with Medsonics
  • Improved Medical Care
  • Lowers Healthcare Cost
  • Reduced measurement time
  • Non-invasive, lightweight & portable

Medsonics US, Inc. is developing and will commercialize a lightweight, portable and economical line of highly versatile non-invasive advanced medical ultrasound diagnostic devices. They serve the clinical area of quantitative bone monitoring of fractures and strength. This patented technology will safely furnish, in real time, information on fracture status from inception to full healing.

These products will bring medical monitoring and imaging systems directly to the physician's office. These devices offer a new and convenient approach allowing for early detection and diagnosis of musculoskeletal problems and decisions on treatment. They supply real-time quantitative measurements, rapidly and inexpensively, which are needed for detection, diagnosis and monitoring of bone trauma not readily available today. These powerful, compact and portable devices fit into the familiar environment of a laptop computer. Paramedical personnel in the field, hospital examining rooms and the doctor's office, can easily use it. By using advanced digital signal processing technology, they give the quantitative status of bone strength, fracture nature, identification of extent and healing rate. There is no hazard or discomfort for the patient in performing these procedures. Users can also send patient charts to colleagues for remote viewing and consultation.

These products will occupy a rapidly evolving market to aid in the diagnosis and status of bone fractures and trauma that require rapid, convenient and safe tests. These tools will be the foundation for affordable digital telemedicine systems and personal workstations allowing great flexibility for use by Medical and Clinical users and related professions such as Physical therapy , Sports medicine , Rehabilitation , Geriatrics and Veterinary medicine . They are small, portable devices that can be used by paramedical personnel in emergency room and EMT situations .