MedSonics US, Inc.
Portable Medical Ultrasound for Detecting Skeletal Defects

Through the development of a portable and cost-effective ultrasound diagnostic device, MedSonics US, Inc. is currently using cutting edge technology to introduce a highly versatile, non-invasive approach to the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. This patented technology safely furnishes, in real time, bone status monitoring from condition inception to full healing without the use of dangerous radiation.

These powerful, compact and portable devices fit into the familiar environment of a laptop computer, bringing diagnostic and treatment capabilities to limitless environments and locations. Paramedical personnel in the sports medicine field, on EMT vehicles, in hospital examining rooms and in the doctor's office can all easily and effectively use this ultrasound diagnostic device to provide patients with immediate care. By using advanced digital signal processing technology, this device provides the quantitative status of bone strength, fracture nature and healing rate. With a resolution capability of up to 100 microns, MedSonics US, Inc. has developed a device with the technology to provide speckle free images of soft tissue injuries and anomalies. There is no hazard or discomfort to the patient in performing this non-invasive diagnosis, and the results allow medical technicians to build and analyze detailed 2 and 3 dimensional models of the injury or condition from the ultrasound data. Once these anatomical models are generated, they can also be electronically sent to colleagues for remote viewing and consultation.

MedSonics US, Inc. devices also have an economical advantage over other equipment currently in use.

As this procedure requires just one second for the construction of a thorough diagnostic model and much simpler technological training, these ultrasound diagnostic services cost only a small fraction of what current technologies require to operate. Using MedSonics US, Inc. instruments, five patients can be examined in the time it takes for one CT scan, and there is no need for special facilities. They are also safe to use repeatedly when monitoring the progression of disease or healing because they do not use dangerous radiation.

Through its use of medically responsible and technologically advanced services, MedSonics US, Inc. is providing the medical community with a versatile approach to the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions.